Depression and the Nazis

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showing how the Nazis gained support throughout the great depression

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Depression and the Nazis
1 Who suffered?
1.1 Farmers
1.1.1 1930s, nearly all in debt
1.2 Young people
1.2.1 60% of graduates could not get a job
1.3 Businessmen
1.3.1 Many businesses closed
1.4 Factory workers
1.4.1 40% were unemployed by 1932
2 Depression weakened the Weimar Republic
2.1 some people that had never voted , just voted to get rid of Weimar
2.1.1 Chancellor raised taxes and reduces unemployment benefit-not a wise move.
3 How did it help the Nazis?
3.1 weak government
3.1.1 strong leadership needed=Hitler
3.2 Unemployment
3.2.1 Nazis organized work schemes on the road
3.3 Communists
3.3.1 Nazi's SA was brutal and dealt with communists violently
3.4 The Nazi party was extremely organised, attractive to people
3.5 Propaganda was carefully done and popular
3.6 The Nazi's always had back-up plans and were very flexible
3.7 Hitler had amazing speaking skills, whipping the crowd into a frenzy
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