Health and Housing

Niamh Taylor
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Niamh Taylor
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Nation 5 History (Changing Britain) Mind Map on Health and Housing, created by Niamh Taylor on 01/05/2016.

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Health and Housing
  1. conditions were poor due to industrialisation
    1. growth was so quick that towns couldn't cope
      1. poor conditions
        1. lack of sanitation
          1. open sewers
            1. communal toilets
              1. polluted water
              2. Dirty water supply
                1. shortage of fresh clean water
                2. lack of hygiene
                  1. few washing facilities
                    1. clothes were difficult to wash
                      1. soap was expensive
                      2. killer diseases
                        1. no cure for many diseases
                        2. poor housing
                          1. overcrowding
                            1. blocked up windows - window tax
                            2. lack of support from state
                              1. didn't help those in poverty
                            3. improving conditions
                              1. lack of sanitation
                                1. 1848 - Public Health Act - local councils set up health boards
                                  1. 1875 Public Health Act - forced authorities to provide sewage system and provide clean water
                                  2. dirty water supply
                                    1. reservoirs piped in clean drinking water
                                    2. lack of hygiene
                                      1. ending of tax on soap
                                        1. cotton clothes could be washed easier
                                        2. poor diet
                                          1. improvements to farming
                                            1. better transport for fresh food
                                              1. tea became alternative to beer
                                              2. killer diseases
                                                1. cleaner hospitals
                                                  1. better diet
                                                    1. cleaner water
                                                    2. poor housing
                                                      1. 1855 Nuisance Removal Act allowed council to demolish the worst slum housing
                                                        1. 1875 artisans Dwellings Act - demolish all slums
                                                        2. Lack of support from state
                                                          1. still little help
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