Imperialism's popularity declined 1880 -1902

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Imperialism's popularity declined 1880 -1902
1 Public had to pay more taxes
2 Public were strongly against methods used in the Boer War 1899-1902
3 The empire's costs outweighed the benefits
3.1 Only really benefit the higher classes
3.2 By the end of the Boer War, Britain was paying £6mil a day
3.3 Some felt that international free trade was undermined
4 Liberal Party split into pro-imperialists and anti-imperialists
5 1900 Khaki Election
5.1 Many working class reected pro-war candidates
5.2 Many weren't voting pro-imperialist but rather against the Liberals who favoured Irish Home Rule
5.3 Conservatives only beat the Liberals by 400, 000 more votes
6 Many WC men joined the army to escape poverty and unemployment in Britain
7 1902 - the Liberal Imperialists were a small minority
8 22, 000 men died in the Boer War
9 Attrocities of Boer War alienated British Public
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