Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness
1 Musclar Endurance - the ability of muscles to keep exerting force for a long time
1.1 It is important for sports people such as tennis players; they can get tired and will not hit their shots as well as they would have when they started.
2 Cardiovascular - the amount of force a muscle generates when it contracts
3 Power - strength x speed
4 Flexibility - the range of movement around a joint.
4.1 It is important to for badminton players to be able to reach shots using flexibility
4.2 It is important for footballing goalkeepers to be able to save a shot using their flexibility.
5 Accelerative - covering a distance of up to 30 metres Pure - Distance up to 60 metres. Speed endurance - start recovery periods in-between sprints.
5.1 Important in football and rugby when you are trying to beat other players in certain circumstances
6 Muscular strength - maximum force - measured in kilograms (kg) or Newtons (N) that can be generated by a muscular or music group. Explosive strength - force exerted in one quick, powerful contraction. Dynamic strength - force that can be exerted repeatedly by a muscle
7 Body composition - the percentage of body fat, muscle and bone.
8 Mesomorph = muscular. Endermorph = dumpy. Ectomorph = tall/thin
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