Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness
  1. Cardiovascular fitness - the ability to keep muscles supplied with oxygen whilst exercising
    1. Agility - the ability to move and change direction quickly
      1. Flexibility - the range of movement around a joint
        1. it is important for badminton players to use their flexibilty to reach shots.
        2. Speed - How long it takes for an individual or an object to travel a certain distance, it is distance/time
          1. Body composition - the percentage of body fat, muscle and bone
            1. Aerobic endurance - the ability to exercise continuously without tiring
              1. Muscular endurance - the ability of muscles to keep exerting force for a long time
                1. it is important for tennis players to have a high level of muscular endurance because they will get tired and they need to continously hit the tennis ball with a lot of power which means they are using their muscles for a long period of time
                2. Accelerative - covering a distance of up to 30 meters Pure - Distance up to 60 meters. Speed endurance - start recovery periods in-between sprints
                  1. Muscular strength - maximum force measured in kilograms (kg) or newtons (n) that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group. Two types of muscular strength. explosive strength - force exerted in one quick powerful contraction. dynamic strength - force that can be exerted repeatedly by a muscle
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