William Wordworth

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William Wordworth
1 Was born in Cumbria in 1770
1.1 Belong to the English Romantic poetry
1.1.1 His masterpiece were: Lyrical Ballads, Manifesto of English Romanticism and The Prelude
2 Lived during France Revolution and he supported democracy
2.1 Find support staying in contact with nature
2.1.1 Because for him, it was a source of pleasure and joy.
3 Was interest in relationship between:
3.1 Natural world
3.2 Human consciusness
4 His poetry takes origins from emotion recollected in tranquillity
4.1 Was an object of common life such as flowers.
5 Has Greater sensibility to penetrate the heart of things and communicate his knowledge
5.1 Infact is a man that talks to others men and get the feelings of the nature
6 Died in 1850, at the age of eighty
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