Congress of Vienna

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Mission: Create a mind map that ties together two or more of –Isms of the early 19th century (Nationalism, Liberalism, Marxism/Socialism, and Conservatism). Topic: The Congress of Vienna. Every CENTRAL START will be the Congress of Vienna. Using your homework, notes, textbook, etc., create a mind map that details the causes and effects of the Congress of Vienna. What were the strengths/weaknesses? What caused such a meeting and charter to be created? What outcomes? Which countries became strong

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Congress of Vienna
1 Key Players
1.1 Russia
1.1.2 Karl Robert Nesselrode
1.1.3 Benefits
1.2 Great Britain
1.2.2 Viscount Castlereagh
1.2.3 Benefits
1.3 Austria
1.3.1 Prince Metternich Chairman Concert of Europe
1.3.3 Loss
1.4 Prussia
1.4.2 Prince Karl August von Hardenberg
1.4.3 Benefits
1.5 Bourbon France
1.5.1 Charles Talleyrand
1.5.3 Revolution of 1848 French Realism Democratized Art Flourished under Napoleon III Rejected Romanticism Dominated French Cuture Literature
2 Causes
2.1 Napoleonic Wars
2.2 Dissolution of the HRE
2.3 Long Term Peace Plan
2.4 French Revolutionary Wars
2.5 Territorial disputes
3 Outcomes
3.1 Major Reforms
3.1.1 Russia acquires Warsaw
3.1.2 Prussia acquires Danig
3.1.3 German Confederation 38 States
3.1.4 Netherlands & Belgium unify
3.1.5 Swiss Neutrality
3.1.6 Pope controls Papal States
3.1.7 UK acquires Cape Colony
3.1.8 Slave trade condemned
3.1.9 Freedom of navigation
3.2 Abandoned Enlightened Ideas
3.3 100 Years of "Peace"
3.3.1 Population boom Agricultural revolution UK's Industrial Revolution Western Industrial Revolution Industrialism Capitalism Evolved from Mercantilism Public Corporations Hudsons Bay
3.4 Nationalism
3.4.1 Imperialism Colonisation Christianization
3.4.2 Romanticism
3.4.3 Borders
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