Why Did The Spanish Armada Fail?


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Why Did The Spanish Armada Fail?
  1. Leaders
    1. There were a few Spanish Armada Leaders and these were there names: Charles Howard, Francis Drake, Alonso Perez De Guzman. They were all the names of the Spanish Armadas Leaders.
      1. There were a few English leaders aswell but there were 2 main ones who the Queen chose to go and these were there names: Lord Howard of Effingham and Sir Francis Drake.
    2. Tactics
      1. The Spanish armada would make alot of tactics and there is one where the Spanish would make a crescent shape formation Where they have different orders of boats on the shape and then they would put a plank onto ohter boats and fight hand to hand
        1. The English had alot of tactics aswell as the Spanish Armada having some aswell, the English had one main tactic and what they would do was fill up the boats with things that could catch alight such as wood, staw etc and they would set light to it and then jump off the boat sending the remaining of the boat into the other and it would crash and cause the boat to be destoyed and the people on the boat to possibly die.
        2. Weapons
          1. The Spanish Armada used Muzzle Loaded Cannons, Muskets and swords. They also probably used other types of guns etc.
            1. The Spanish Armada used alot of weapons and ways to get the British Navy. They used grappling hooks to cling onto the other boats and drag them across and fight hand to hand, but the Navy preffered far away fights.
            2. The English used warships with cannons against the anchored Spanish fleet, the English had longer ranged cannons and they could reload and shoot the balls 5x faster then the Spanish could.
            3. Ships
              1. They had all different boats and most of them were the same but they all had different names, here they all are: The Rosario, The San Salvador, The San Lorenzo, The San Mateo, The San Felipe.
                1. The Spanish had over 120 ships yet the English only had around 50. They had small Spanish boats and the Big boats on the outiside protecting. The English had the navy ships to fight there battles.
                2. Weather
                  1. The weather was a storm when the Spanish Armada was happening and it destroyed thousands of boats it was big waves and it crashed into the boats and they vanished.
                    1. The English had a disadvantage because they were sailing against the wind and the rough seas whilst the Spanish Armada was sailing with it and they would go much faster.
                  2. Any Other Factors
                    1. The Spanish Armada had an advantage because they were sailing with the wind but the English were facing against the wind so they had less of an advantage to win.
                      1. The Spanish Armada actually set off to sail in 1588. Also the English won the battle because of a man named Sir Francis Drake.
                        1. The English Navy didnt have very good defending skills and they had a big disadvantage alot of reasons why they did but one of them was because they had smaller ships and not very good battle skills they preffered to battle far away with cannons and guns not fight by hand
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