Weimar Republic

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Important facts and dates about the Weimar Republic

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Weimar Republic
1 Stresemanns' Golden Age
2 Beginning of Weimar
2.1 Spartacist Uprising
2.1.1 5th-15th January 1919
2.1.2 Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht Murdered by Freikorps Members
2.1.3 Crushed by Freikorps On Ebert's orders Shows lack of Weimar strength
2.2 Kapp Putsch
2.2.1 Organised by Freikorps
2.2.2 Led by Wolfgang Kapp
2.2.3 March 1920
2.2.4 Halted by General Strike
2.3 Treaty of Versailles
3 Defeat by the Nazis
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