Reasons for emigration

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Nation 5 History (Free at Last) Mind Map on Reasons for emigration, created by Niamh Taylor on 01/22/2016.

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Reasons for emigration
1 Wages
1.1 better than those working in large factories in Europe
2 Persecution
2.1 many people in europe were persecuted for religious reasons
3 overcrowding
3.1 increasing population in Europe meant there was a shortage of land
4 natural resources
4.1 land was cheap
4.2 rich supply of oil, timber and minerals
5 lack of opportunity
5.1 Europe sill in a class system - lower classes hard to escape
6 economic opportunity
6.1 created lots of work
6.2 opportunity to set up new business
7 space
7.1 cities had plenty of space to expand
8 land of the free
8.1 American bill of Right 1791 - guaranteed freedom of religion speech and press
9 unemployment
9.1 many european workers out of work towards end of 19th century
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