Progressive Era


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Progressive Era
  1. Goals:
    1. Social welfare: Florence Kelley (Illinois Factory Act) protected women + said no child labor
      1. Moral Improvement: temperance + Prohibition (women w/ alcoholic husbands wanted this
        1. Efficiency: Ford Assembly Line - mass production + payed workers better (more cars= lower prices=more people could afford)
          1. Economy: Debs Socialist Leader- instead of capitalism
            1. muckrakers- wrote about corruption
              1. Jacob Riis: showed horrible conditions in slums + poor tenements
              2. Banks
                1. Federal Reserve System- regulated banks- they watch each other
                  1. 16th Amendment-- (Federal Income tax) -- provide revenue from people's wages + lower tariff
                    1. SHERMAN ANTITRUST ACT-- illegal to make trusts that interfered with free trade ++ limited monopolies
                2. 21st Amendment ended Prohibition bc too expensive to monitor so many bootleggers
                3. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair- exposed horrors of meat packing industry + treatment of workers
                  1. Triangle Shirtwaist Company- huge fire trapped women (helped spread awareness of safety
              3. Segregation:
                1. Jim Crow Laws
                  1. segregation laws- separate schools, hospitals, parks, transportation
                    1. Plessy vs Fergeson - "separate but equal" is ok (not equal at all)
                    2. Voting- these things disenfranchised them
                      1. Literacy Tests
                        1. Poll Tax: annual tax for voting- poor whites + blacks coudn't vote
                    3. Women Voting
                      1. 1) went to state legislature 2) court w/ 14th-women citizens too ------------------------------------- 3) new 19th amendment
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