Section B : Media Studies

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Section B : Media Studies
1 Conglomerate
1.1 A global company (The Walt Disney Company) owns a number or media companies which produce, distribute and exhibit a media product.
2 Cross Media Convergence
2.1 Where a conglomerate owns different subsidiaries across different areas of the media.
3 Symbiosis
3.1 When a media company teams up with another company (who does something completely different) to promote each others products
3.2 For example: The Walt Disney Company teamed up with Burger King to promote both Star Wars and the Darth Vadar burger, and Max Factor to promote the Star Wars Makeup collection
4 Synergy
4.1 When a company such as The Walt Disney company owns all sections of vertical integration
4.2 They combine one of their media products with their other products to create merchandise
5 Vertical Intergration
5.1 When a company such as The Walt Disney Company owns all areas in each sector
5.2 Production
5.2.1 Distribution Exhibition
6 Horizontal Intergration
6.1 When a company (The Walt Disney Company) owns more than one company in each sector
6.2 The Walt Disney Company owns LucasFilms LTD
7 Independent Company
7.1 When a media company is not owned by any other, larger media company
7.2 Not part of a conglomerate
7.3 An example of this would be Warp Films
8 Subsidiary
8.1 A company such as LucasFilm LTD which is owned by another media company
9 Cultural Imperialism
9.1 When a Country's culture becomes saturated by media products from another country
9.2 American TV and Films make up a large percentage of media within the UK
10 Dominant Ideology
10.1 The beliefs and attitudes of society
10.2 Films help to create a dominant ideology and can influence how we think about things
10.3 For Example, America is a superior nation with extensive resources, which can be seen through films such as Iron Man where American is viewed as a supreme nation
11 Homogenisation of Culture
11.1 When similar media products are created, producing a culture of 'sameness'
11.1.1 For example, the Multiplex's are filled with American Blockbusters
12 Mass Audience
12.1 A large, general, majority audience.
13 Niche Audience
13.1 A small, particular audience
14 LucasFilm LTD
14.1 Founded in 1971 by George Lucas
14.2 it had subsidiaries in a number of technology and distribution companies
14.3 bought by the Walt Disney Company in 2012
14.4 They paid $4.06 billion
15 The Walt Disney Company
15.1 is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate
15.2 the worlds 2nd largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue
15.3 Founded on October 16th 1923
15.3.1 By Walt Disney and Roy O
15.3.2 As the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio
16 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
16.1 Studio : LucasFilm LTD
16.2 The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
16.3 Budget : $200,000,000 (estimated)
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