Mark's Gospel GCSE Religion

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Mark's Gospel GCSE Religion
1 when did mark write his gospel?
1.1 mark wrote his gospel in 70AD
1.2 where did mark write his gospel?
1.2.1 mark wrote his gospel in rome
1.3 who was he writing for and why?
1.3.1 mark wrote his gospel for Catholics who were being persecuted because of their faith and to spread the good news. what is thee good news that mark is proclaiming? mark was proclaiming the news that there would be a second coming of Jesus Christ
1.4 what is the first line of mark's gospel?
1.4.1 "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of god" (Mark 1:1)
1.5 what are three primary sources mark used when writing his gospel?
1.5.1 his own personal experience
1.5.2 the twelve disciples
1.5.3 peter
1.5.4 three secondary sources were : Ur Markus Mathew
2 why were people suspicious of the early christians?
2.1 they were seen to be antisocial, immoral, a threat to social and political stability, a threat to the economy and that they sacrificed babies
3 In the calming of the storm what do the following represent?
3.1 : the boat
3.1.1 the boat represents the catholic church
3.2 : the storm
3.2.1 the storm represents christian troubles
4 how could the calming of the storm help christians today?
4.1 it can help them with money problems, addictions, stress etc. because Jesus will calm the storms in our lives
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