animal studies of attachment

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animal studies of attachment
  1. Lorenz's research
    1. imprinting
      1. as a child a new born duck followed him around
        1. procedure
          1. randomly allocated half of the geese eggs to the mother and the other to himself
          2. findings
            1. control group = mother goose
              1. experimental group = Lorenz
                1. when they wee mixed they both followed the some person/ goose
                2. attach & follow the first moving object they see
                  1. happens during the critical period
                    1. different time for different species
              2. sexual imprinting
                1. imprinted on human = show sexual desire to humans
              3. Harlow's research
                1. the importance of contact comfort
                  1. babies left alone died whereas with a cloth to cuddle didn't
                    1. procedure
                      1. 16 baby monkeys
                        1. half to cloth mother
                          1. half to wire mother with milk
                        2. findings
                          1. preferred cloth to milk when scared
                        3. maternally deprived monkeys as adults
                          1. did not develop normal social behaviour
                            1. more aggressive
                              1. bred less - unskilled at mating
                                1. neglected their offspring - even killed them
                                2. the critical period for normal development
                                  1. within 90 days for monkeys
                                    1. early deprivation would be irreversible
                                  2. evaluation - Lorenz
                                    1. generalizability to humans
                                      1. mammalian attachment is different to birds
                                        1. cannot be generalised to humans
                                        2. humans can attach at any age but less easily
                                        3. some of his observations have been questioned
                                          1. Guiton
                                            1. attached chickens to yellow rubber gloves
                                              1. they tried to mate
                                                1. but learned to mate with chickens
                                            2. impact of sexual imprinting is not permanent
                                          2. evaluation Harlow
                                            1. theoretical value
                                              1. attachment does not develop as a result of being fed but from contact comfort
                                                1. profound effect on human mother infant attachments
                                                  1. important for social development and relationships
                                                  2. practical value
                                                    1. helped social workers to intervene and prevent child neglect & abuse
                                                      1. importance of captive animal attachments
                                                        1. and breeding programmes
                                                      2. ethical issues
                                                        1. the monkeys suffered greatly
                                                          1. however were the findings sufficient enough to justify this
                                                      3. evaluation +
                                                        1. can Harlow's findings be applied to humans
                                                          1. monkeys ore similar than geese
                                                            1. but how similar
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