The Reformation

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The Reformation

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The Reformation
1 Reasons for the reformation
1.1 Tithe: 1/10 of income - tax pay to Catholic Church
1.2 Nepotism: Giving church positions to family and friends even if they are unqualified.
1.3 Simony: buying and selling church positions
1.4 Pluralism: have two or more church positions
1.5 Sale of Indulgence: buying your way into heaven, by buying a special indulgence from the pope so you can go straight to heaven
1.6 Immoral Clergy: living bad lives, having mistresses and children
1.7 Illiterate Clergy: can't read or write
1.8 Absenteeism: bishop is absent from his diocese due to pluralism/living a good life at the king's castle
2 Jean Calvin
2.1 About Jean Calvin
2.1.1 Born in France
2.1.2 believed the catholic church was corrupt
2.1.3 French protestant (huguenots) were persecuted in France so Calvin and his followers fled to Geneva in Switzerland
2.1.4 Geneva - city of God
2.1.5 Calvin's religion is presbyterianism
2.1.6 Calvin wrote a book called 'The Institutes of the Christian Relgion'
2.2 Calvin's Beliefs
2.2.1 1. Predestination: God decided before you were born who will be saved to heaven and who will be domed to hell.
2.2.2 2. One sacramemt which is Batism
2.2.3 3. Married Clergy
2.2.4 4. Church services in the vernacular
2.2.5 5. Bible is the only source of god's will
2.2.6 6. Presbyterian churches have no decoration
2.3 Religious laws of Calvin's church
2.3.1 Alcohol, swearing, dancing/music, gambling were banned
2.3.2 Attendance at Sunday church was compulsary
2.3.3 People had to dress simply and modestly
3 Religious Beliefs
3.1 Catholic
3.1.1 1. 7 sacraments
3.1.2 2. Clergy can not marry
3.1.3 3. Belief in god and good work can save a person's soul
3.1.4 4. Mass in Latin
3.1.5 5. Transubstantiation - bread and wine = body and blood
3.1.6 6. Churches have lots of decoration
3.1.7 7. Bible should be interpreted by priests for the people
3.2 Luther
3.2.1 1. 2 sacraments: baptism and eucharist
3.2.2 2. Married clergy
3.2.3 3. Justification by faith alone.
3.2.4 4. service in the vernacular
3.2.5 5. Consubstantiation - bread and wine = body and bood
3.2.6 6. Plain, undecorated churches
3.2.7 7. Everyone should read the bible for themselves = only source of faith
3.3 Calvin
3.3.1 1. 1 sacrament; baptism
3.3.2 2. Married clergy
3.3.3 3. Presbyterianism
3.3.4 4. Service in the vernacular
3.3.5 5. Bread and wine stayed bread and wine
3.3.6 6. Plain, undecorated churches
3.3.7 7. Everyone should erad the bible themselves = only source of faith
4 The Protestant Reformation in England
4.1 The King's Great Matter
4.1.1 Henry the VII wanted to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon because he didn't have a male heir.
4.1.2 He wanted to marry Ann Boleyn.
4.1.3 The pope would not grant Henry an annulment (invalid marriage)
4.1.4 Henry passed the Act of Supremacy which made him the head of the church of England.
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