Gender, Crime and the Justice System

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Gender, Crime and the Justice System
1 Male vs. Female Offending
1.1 Crimes that are equal
1.1.1 Prostitution
1.2 Crimes that females outrank males
1.2.1 Abduction
1.3 Crimes that males outrank females
1.3.1 Property
1.3.2 Violent
1.3.3 Drunk driving
1.3.4 Possession of Weapons
1.3.5 Arson and Mischief
2 Trends from 1962-1996
2.1 Female crime has increased
2.2 Gap between Male and Female offending has decreased
2.2.1 Why? change in JS treatment of females? Females becoming more violent?
3 High school students vs. Street youth
3.1 High school
3.1.1 males dominate in most criminal areas
3.2 Street Youth
3.2.1 more equal
3.3 Gender differences in crime tend to be context specific
4 Explaining the Gender Differences in Crime
4.1 Biological Differences
4.1.1 Hormones: testosterone vs. estrogen
4.2 Evolutionary Theories
4.2.1 men and women have different pathways to reproductive success
4.3 Social Learning Theories
4.3.1 Females brought up differently than Males Taught different lessons and precautions
4.4 Women's Liberation Thesis or the Sex Role Convergence
4.4.1 Female equality lead to the increase in female crime - they were taught to "act like men"
4.4.2 Weaknesses Females in equal opportunity as males are not the ones who engage in crime Females still seem to avoid violent crime 95% of the time, a female who engages in CB does so with a male
5 Violence Against Women in Canada
5.1 Facts
5.1.1 Males + Females are approx. equal risks of victimization when considering all crimes
5.1.2 Males more risk to be victim of violent crimes
5.1.3 Males are more likely to be victims and offenders in homicides
5.1.4 Male offenders - female victims in Sexual Assault
5.2 Intimate Partner Violence
5.2.1 Types Common Couple Arguments: After or During an Argument Systemic Abuse Patriarchal Terrorism
5.2.2 Common Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide Poverty; Youth; Aboriginal Status; History of Violence in Rlshp; Partner has a CR
5.2.3 Risk Factors for Women (homicide) Victim initiation or participation in violence Extent of the violence Sexual Nature to Violence
5.3 Gender Differences in Nature of IPH
5.3.1 Males Wife and Kids Anger and Jealousy To Control/ Dominate Suicide
5.3.2 Females Safety and Protection - to "get out"
5.4 Social Policy Implications
5.4.1 Shelter Systems None for men Do they work? Save the lives of males - not females
5.4.2 The problem is Enforcing Them Police Charging Practices Rape Shield Laws Restraining orders
6 Gender and the Justice System
6.1 The Chivalry Hypothesis: Females "Get Off" Easier than Males
6.2 The "Evil Women" Hypothesis: Women Get Treated Harsher than Males
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