Why was the Muslim world so divided on the eve of the crusades?

Alia Adiee
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AS - Level History (The First Crusade) Mind Map on Why was the Muslim world so divided on the eve of the crusades?, created by Alia Adiee on 02/04/2016.

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Alia Adiee
Created by Alia Adiee almost 4 years ago
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Why was the Muslim world so divided on the eve of the crusades?
1 Religious Schism


  • Schism- a division of people, usually belonging to an organisation (in this case Islam: Shia and Sunni)
1.1 The Sunni Seljuq against the Shi'ite Fatimids of Cario
1.1.1 Battleground at Syria and Palestine
1.1.2 Two powers made it unthinkable to form a united font against the crusaders.
2 Death of Islamic Leaders
2.1 1092- Sultan of the Seljuq empire, Malikshah and his vizier, Nizam al-Mulk.
2.2 1094- Fatimid caliph of Egypt, al-Mstansir (ruled for 58 years) and his vizie, Badr al-JAmali.
2.3 1094- Abbasid Sunni Caliph al-Muqtadi Died.
2.4 The successoion death of both the Suljuq and Fatimid empires occurring at the same time had a destabilizing effect on the Islamic world.
2.4.1 The Sunni and Shi'ite both had given away to division and increased anarchy.
3 Suljuq Disunity
3.1 Death of Nizam al-Mulk and Malikshah in 1092 - The Suljuq world divided
3.1.1 Military conflict lasted until 1105 Conflict between the two sons of Malikshah, Muhammad and Barkyaruq fought out in western Iraq They used up most of the military resources by this conflict Two sons had Zero interest in the Levant and left Jerusalem to its fate
4 Aftermath of Manzikert
4.1 Seljuq Sultan Alp Arslan allows independency to Turkish leaders to carve out their own territories.
4.1.1 Tribes showed little unity from the beginning. 2
5 Kilij Arslan
5.1 He had been hostage since 1086 and released at 1092; Death of Malikshah
5.1.1 He re- founded the Sultanate of Rum after the death of Malikshah
5.1.2 He was more interested in his heritage in the East: In this process, his father Suleyman 's lands. The individual tribes had started vying with each other to establish their own independence
6 Problems in Egypt
7 Syria and Palestine on the eve of crusade

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