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1 Organelles
1.1 Ribosomes
1.1.1 These are the factories making protein for the body.
1.2 Lysosomes
1.2.1 Lysosomes are the garabage disposal units. Its a dirty job but some cells gotta do it.
1.3 Mitochondria
1.3.1 These guys are the powerhouses of the cell. They make energy for the body.
1.4 Endo-Plasmic Reticulum
1.4.1 These are the "hallways" of the cell. They allow materials to move easily through the cell.
1.5 Vacuole
1.5.1 There are 2 types of vacuoles, one is in the plant cell whie the other is in the animal.The plant vacuole is large and takes up the most space in the cell It stores water and when it is full helps keep the plant in shape. The vacuoles in the animal cellcontain wastes and chemiaccal that are being moved around.
1.6 Cytoplasm
1.6.1 Cytoplasm is a watery-jelly like substance that has many smaller parts working in it.
1.7 Nucleas
1.7.1 This is the control centre of a cell. It controls all chemical reactions as well
1.8 Cell membrane
1.8.1 The 'skin' of the cell that holds it together. It also choses what goes in and out of the cell.
1.9 Choloroplasts
1.9.1 Chloroplasts are in the plant cell since plants cant hunt for food they make their own with chloroplasts. The chloroplasts give the plants green colour and they mkae the food with a process called photosynthesis.
2 Animal cells
2.1 Organelles
2.1.1 Cell membrane
2.1.2 Nucleas
2.1.3 Cytoplasm
2.1.4 Vacuole
2.2 Animal cells are found in animals (duh). If they were made as big as ur hand it would feel like a big bag of jelly.
3 Fungal cells
3.1 Organelles
3.1.1 Vacuole
3.1.2 Nucleas
3.1.3 Cell wall
3.2 Cells of fungi have the same parts as animal cells.They also have a cell wall like a plant cell but they are made of different chemicalsand cannot make their own food because they dont have chloroplasts
4 Plant cells
4.1 Organelles
4.1.1 Nucleas
4.1.2 Cytoplasm
4.1.3 Cell membrane
4.1.4 Vacuole
4.1.5 Cell wall
4.1.6 CHloroplasts
4.2 Plant cells have the same parts as animal cells but with a few extra pieces. These diferent pieces help the plant stay in shape, make food and helps store water and other things.
5 Cells are the building blocks of every living thing . They are so small u need a microscope to see them and a very powerful micropce to see the things inside them that make them do what they do
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