Levels of Processing Evaluation

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Levels of Processing Evaluation
1 Students can be taught to make notes which have meaning rather than just reading information that makes no sense to help them revise
1.1 so the model does have applications to real life
2 The model has support from Craik and Tulvings study which demonstrated that semantically processed words were more deeply processed
2.1 and therefore better recalled than other shallow information
3 However this empirical support is lab based and therefore lacks ecological validity as both the task and setting are artificial
4 There are too many problems with actually defining deep processing and why it is effective
4.1 Baddeley critisises it for being circular
4.1.1 Material which has been deeply processed will be remembered better
4.1.2 But you could say that material is well remembered because it must have been processed deepy
5 Eysenck and Eysenck (1980) argue even shallow processing could lead to better processing if the material is distinctive
5.1 e.g. you may see something so distinctive that it creates a mental image

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