Activities within the physical enviroment

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Activities within the physical enviroment
  1. Dramatic and imaginative play
    1. proving a dress up corner for the children to create and enjoy games about very familiar task they see as part of everyday. playing dress up as medical staff, or emergency services or mums and dads then completing task such as patting the baby to sleep helping sick patients or baking a cake.
      1. When you’ve finished making the family, from the visual arts activity of creating little people with reusable item. To follow on with the children can now make use of these new toys to create and make up stories to share.
        1. Providing recycled resources such as boxes and packaging for imaginative play such as creating cars/ buses to drive to the shops to purchase items
        2. Construction, inventions and architecture
          1. making use of natural and recyclable items such as sticks shells, nuts leaves and string recycled bottle caps to create wind-chimes
            1. Proving an area being a table or floor space on a mat, so that children can make use of colourful wooden blocks to create towers
              1. Building a display poster. complete an activity with a small group of children to explore items that sink and float set up a table with containers of water and have the children place selected items into the water to explore what floats or sinks then the children can dry the item and sticky tape to the items in the accordingly columns
              2. Music, Musical instruments, Movement and Dance
                1. Have a circuit set up outdoors which includes climbing jumping skipping hopping through and balancing for children to move around at their pace
                  1. setting up the song room using colourful lighting and having on offer disco clothing and upbeat feelgood music.
                  2. Providing musical instruments to encourage the children to make noise and create music with homemade and bought instruments. Like recorder, triangle maracas, rattles and bells that are safe and comfortable for your child to play. Name the instruments you’re using and talk about the differences in sound and how they’re played.
                  3. Storytelling, rhyme and poetry
                    1. setting up soft area outside using pillows and blankets to create an outdoor library for the children to enjoy at their leisure.
                      1. Setting up a quiet area that is interesting/ inviting for a small number of children to use to share stories, eg like tepee as a bee hive
                        1. encourace the children to explore and use hand and finger puppets of little Australian animals which they can then tell stories of when and where they have seen each animal.
                        2. Visual Arts activities
                          1. Setting up the easel outdoors so children can paint from their outlook.
                            1. Reflection colouring in, provide safe small mirrors crayons or colour pencils and colouring in templates or for slightly older children a little more challenging project of follow the correct path. Children are then required to look into the mirror to complete the colouring in instead of looking directly at the sheet.
                              1. Creating little families using reusable products like cling wrap cylinder, plastic juice bottles or wooden pegs to make little people. Drawing faces on coloured cardboard or paper and creating clothes, from material then can use cotton or wool for hair.
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