The Berlin Blockade and Airlift 1948-49

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Created by mollymalone98 almost 6 years ago
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The Berlin Blockade and Airlift 1948-49
1 Post-war division of Germany
1.1 After the war, US and UK had decided that Stalinist communism was more of a threat than Germany
1.1.1 A strong Germany could act as a buffer zone against communism Thus they sought for German recovery, and strengthened their zones through industrialisation and reunification
1.2 For the Soviets, the most important thing was to prevent a repeat of the Nazi invasion of 1941
1.2.1 They had lost 26 million Russians during the war
1.2.2 As the Nazis retreated, they applied the idea of "scorched earth", where the essentially destroyed everything in their path - land and people
1.2.3 Thus they stripped the Soviet German zone of all useful equipment and machinery to cripple their economy
2 Berlin Crisis
2.1 By 1948, Western zones of Germany were recovering, thanks to Marshall Aid
2.1.1 The Western allies stopped demanding reparations
2.1.2 23 June 1948, USA and Britain introduced the Deutschmark, to strengthen the economy caused economic crisis in the Eastern Soviet zone as thousands rushed to change their old Marks to Deutschmarks Stalin's response on the 24 June 1948 was to close roads, canals and railways that led from the West into West Berlin.
2.2 In 1947, Britain and the US joined their zones to form "Bizonia". France joined a few months later to form "Trizonia"
2.2.1 Stalin saw this as betrayal He had not been consulted of this unification as promised at Yalta and Potsdam
3 Berlin Airlift
3.1 The West claimed that Stalin was trying to force them to give up West Berlin to communism by starving the city's two million inhabitants, who had only enough food to survive for 6 weeks
3.1.1 Truman had two options: Surrender West Berlin No Western influence in Germany's capital which controls the politics and finance of Germany. Thus it would soon fall to communism Go to War The Soviets had the biggest army in the world and is not afraid to use it

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