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Psychology A1
Alia Adiee
Psychology A1
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Psychology A1
B7: Further Biology
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Psychology A1
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Psychology A1
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Psychology A1
Psychology A1
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1 Attachment
1.1 Learning theory (Behavioural)
1.1.1 Classical Conditioning Unconditioned reinforcer Conditioned response Association Pavlov's dogs
1.1.2 Operant conditioning Drive state Rewards
1.1.3 Cupboard love Harlow and Harlow's monkeys
1.2 A strong emotional, reciprocal bond between infant and primary caregiver
1.2.1 4 Criteria Orientates around primary caregiver Distress upon separation Pleasure upon reunion Seek proximity, particularly when stressed
1.3 Evolutionary (Bowlby)
1.3.1 Innate programming Imprinting Lorenz' goslings Infants' temperament Caregiver Sensitivity Hypothesis
1.3.2 Critical period 2½ years Sensitive period, adoption
1.3.3 Continuity hypothesis Monotropy Internal working model
1.4 Disruptions in Attachment
1.4.1 Separation: time apart from primary caregiver with the intent of reunition
1.4.2 Deprivation: prolonged separation
1.4.3 Privation: no attachment at all Reactive Attachment Disorder "Crazy Beth" - Child of Rage


1.5 Day Care
1.6 Strange Situation
1.6.1 Ainsworth and Method
1.6.2 Cultural Variation Takahashi Japanese children, extremely distressed and couldn't complete Kroonenberg and Van Ijzendoorn Collectivist China, lowest Individualistic UK, highest secure 8 countries, 32 studies; meta analysis - 70% Secure, 15% IR, 15% IA
1.6.3 Types Secure Insecure Avoidant Insecure Resistant

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