Cluster Pre-writing Exercise for the introduction of a Research Paper 1

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Cluster Pre-writing Exercise for the introduction of a Research Paper 1
1 Reasons college students would resort to using Tobacco products
1.1 Background information on what can cause stress and influence a college student to use tobacco
1.1.1 Specific details about College students and Stress Problems students face when they begin tobacco use Addiction Withdrawl when quitting Dependent on tobacco and nicotine 1 in 3 college students use tobacco as a means to control stress Tobacco use statistically lowers academic scoring in students Tobacco could trigger Mental disorders in students due to high levels of stress
1.1.2 Abundance of Work given by college professors Not being able to keep up with college work due to personal life or job Not understanding the information given by college professor
1.2 Stress/Depression
1.2.1 As an indirect method to keep them focused on college work Influenced by general media as an easy way to control their negative feelings
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Cluster Pre-writing Exercise for the Introduction of a Research Paper
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