History: The Great Powers

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History: The Great Powers
1 Britain
1.1 Had the biggest Navy
1.1.1 Double power standard Navy always had to be the size of the two biggest navies combined
1.2 Largest overseas empire
1.2.1 Quarter of the worlds surface
1.3 Rich and powerfully industralised
2 Russia
2.1 Largest country in the world
2.1.1 Population of 159 millon
2.2 Didn't need an empire
2.2.1 Her empire was on her doorstep Wanted to increase influence in the Balkans They were Slavs Russia wasn't the only one interested in the Balkans
2.3 Had a large army but wasn't as industrialised as the others
3 Germany
3.1 Wanted Britain's title
3.1.1 Their place 'in the sun'
3.2 Worried Britain as...
3.2.1 Germany had a larger population
3.2.2 Their industries were more advanced
3.2.3 Had more natural resources
3.2.4 Expanding their trade
3.2.5 Army was increasing
3.3 Franco- Prussian war 1870-71
3.3.1 Wanted to unite all the little states into one big country... Germany France did not approve hence the war Germany took Alsace Lorraine from France
4 Austria Hungary
4.1 Large empire in the centre of Europe
4.1.1 Consisted of many different groups Some did not get along Had their own customs and languages which made the empire hard to rule Groups wanted to be independent from A-H - Nationalism
4.2 Was also interested in the Balkans
5 France
5.1 France was defeated in the Franco - Prussian war and handed over Alsace Lorraine
5.1.1 France wants revenge
5.2 Was not as industrialised as Britain or Germany
5.2.1 Produced less
5.3 She had a large empire and army
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