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A2 History Mind Map on Alliances, created by Lauren M on 12/26/2013.

Lauren M
Created by Lauren M almost 6 years ago
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1 Triple Entente
1.1 Britain
1.1.1 Signed dual Entente (Entente cordiale) Settled disputes in especially Egypt and Morocco Did not make them closer just allies in name In 1904
1.2 Russia
1.2.1 Russia and France signed an alliance in 1894 Both were isolated and Russia needed loans from France
1.2.2 Russia and Britain in 1907 Anglo - Russian entente settled differences between the powers in the middle east.
1.3 France
1.3.1 France wanted to ally against Germany They would both help out if attacked by Germany or Austria-Hungary
2 Triple Alliance
2.1 Germany
2.2 Italy
2.2.1 Joined in 1882
2.2.2 Italy annoyed France when it expanded into North Africa If one of the alliance was attacked by two or more powers the others would aid
2.2.3 This new alliance aim of protecting one another did not apply to when Britain attacked Italy was afraid of Britain
2.3 Austria - Hungary
2.3.1 Joined together with Germany in 1879 The dual Alliance Either attacked by Russia or Russia and another power, they would support If attacked by another power (not Russia) the other would remain neutral

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