1st Moroccan crisis

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A2 History Mind Map on 1st Moroccan crisis, created by Lauren M on 12/28/2013.

Lauren M
Created by Lauren M almost 6 years ago
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1st Moroccan crisis
1 Imperial Rivalry
1.1 Gain national prestige
1.1.1 The larger your empire the more important you were
1.2 Increase trade
1.2.1 Colonies provided cheap raw materials
1.3 1750-1900
1.3.1 Britain took over £1000 million in tax and goods
1.4 Scramble for Africa
1.4.1 Before 1914 there was competition for parts of Africa
1.4.2 Kaiser wanted to build up Germany's strength and world power This was know as Welpolitik or world policy
1.4.3 Italy wanted North Africa Tunisia The French also wanted that land for their empire so conflict grew IN 1881 the French occupied Tunisia and the Italians were furious
1.4.4 Russia, Britain and Japan competed for influence in china This lead to the Russo - Japanese war of 1904 - 1905
1.5 Britain and France had large empires and Italy and Germany wanted to build theirs.
2 The Beginning
2.1 In 1906 and 05 Germany and France argued about who should own Morocco
3 Causes
3.1 Morocco is located at a highly strategic point
3.1.1 Overlooking Gibraltar and a gateway to the Mediterranean
3.2 France wanted Morocco
3.2.1 Were allowed a free hand in 1904 by forming an alliance with Britain The entente cordiale
3.3 1905 the Kaiser visited Morocco
3.4 Germany was building up its own empire
3.5 France planned to take over Morocco
3.5.1 Kaiser said he would protect Morocco's independence
3.6 French were furious as Germany were interfering in 'their' affairs
4 Events
4.1 Germany was alarmed at how Britain and France stuck together at the conference
4.2 An international conference was held in Algeciras 1906
4.3 Treated as if he had no right to speak
4.4 The Kaiser was humiliated as he views were rejected
4.5 The conference made things worse
5 Consequences
5.1 Britain and France formed an alliance with Russia 1907
5.2 The crisis brought Britain and France closer together
5.3 France was given control of the police force and supply of arms
5.4 Germany felt threatened
5.4.1 Encircled by France and Russia
5.5 Morocco preserved as an individual state
5.6 Germany unsuccessfully tested the Entente Cordiale

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