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Climate and Vegetation


History (Africa) Mind Map on Climate and Vegetation, created by veavaeuo on 12/29/2013.
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Climate and Vegetation
  1. Tropical Rain forests
    1. West and Central Africa
      1. 20% of continent
      2. Forest moisture
        1. Rich enviroment
          1. Home to variety of plants and animals
        2. Cacao and cassava
          1. Fish and hunt
            1. Harvest timber
              1. Threatens rain forest
            2. Tropical Savannas
              1. Most common vegetation in Africa
                1. Tall grasses, thorny bushes, scattered trees
                  1. Home to lions, elephants, and zebras
                2. Dry season
                  1. Farming impossible
                    1. Trade
                      1. Build houses
                        1. Visit friends
                      2. Wet season
                        1. Plant crops/farm
                      3. Deserts
                        1. Sahara
                          1. Covers as much land as U.S.
                            1. Meets Sahel
                            2. Namib
                              1. Sand dunes
                              2. Kalahari
                                1. Scrub and small bushes
                                2. Nomads/Desert Living
                                  1. Herders who trade
                                    1. Travel to places with food and water for sheep, camels, goats
                                      1. Spring-Mountains
                                        1. Dry season-Oases
                                          1. Rainy season-pastures
                                      2. Sahel
                                        1. Hot
                                          1. Dry
                                            1. 4 to 8 inches of rain
                                            2. Small shrubs, grass, some trees
                                            3. Effect on Health
                                              1. Malaria
                                                1. Mosquitoes
                                                  1. Live in warm, moist climates. Breed in water
                                                    1. South of the Sahara
                                                2. Tsetse fly
                                                  1. Sleeping sickness, fatal to cows
                                                    1. 1/5 of Africa
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