Population Key terms

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Population Key terms
1 Birth rate
1.1 The average number of live births per 1000 people per year
2 Death rate
2.1 The average number of deaths in a year per 1000 people
3 Fertility rate
3.1 The average number of children women have in their lifetime (between 16-44)
4 Growth rate/natural increase
4.1 The difference between the birth and death rates
4.1.1 BR-DR/10
5 Infant mortality
5.1 The proportion of children dying at birth or before their first birthday
6 Life expectancy
6.1 The average number of years a person can expect to live
7 Forced migration
7.1 Moving against your will for reasons beyond your control, e.g. Syria
8 Voluntary migration
8.1 Making a personal choice to move away from where you live to somewhere new, e.g company relocation
9 Temporary migration
9.1 Moving to a new place for a period of time but with the intention of returning home afterwards, e.g polish man for work for a year
10 Permanent migration
10.1 Moving to a new place permanently with no intention of returning home, e.g British person moving to Spain and not coming back
11 Pull factors
11.1 Attractive points for an area that make people want to move there
12 Push factors
12.1 Negative points about the area someone already lives that can force them to leave
13 Emigrant
13.1 Someone leaving to live somewhere else
14 Immigrant
14.1 Someone arriving in a country to live there from another country
15 Economic migrant
15.1 Those who move for work
16 Illegal immigrant
16.1 People who enter a country without letting the proper authorities know
17 Asylum seeker
17.1 Someone from another country at risk who wants to live in another country to feel safe
18 Refugee
18.1 Someone without a home looking for a place of safety
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