Home Rule

Caroline Allen
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History (Movements For Reform) Mind Map on Home Rule, created by Caroline Allen on 12/30/2013.

Caroline Allen
Created by Caroline Allen almost 6 years ago
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Home Rule
1 How did the Home Rule movement develop during the period 1870-1886?
1.1 1870: Home Government Association
1.1.1 1873: Home Rule League
2 What were Parnell's strengths and weaknesses as a leader?
2.1 Hoped to win HR through "independent opposition".
3 What attempts were made to gain HR 1870-1886 and why were those attempts unsuccessful?
3.1 Unionists feared HR
4 What did Charles Stewart Parnell contribute to land reform and to the development of the HR movement?
4.1 Was President of Land League
4.1.1 Opposed Gladstone's "Coercion Act" Criticised his "Second Land Act"
4.1.2 Replaced Land League with Irish National League
4.2 HR leader in 1880
4.3 Untill 1890 was "uncrowned king of Ireland"
5 Who was the more effective leader of the HR movement Butt or Parnell?
5.1 Isaac Butt
5.1.1 Charming man but had personal and political weaknesses Owed £10,000 in 1871 Was often absent from the Commons Didn't understand the need for a strong Irish movement behind the HR party
5.1.2 Didn't even set up local branches that could have chosen suitable electoral candidates
5.2 Charles Stewart Parnell

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