The Balkan wars

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The Balkan wars
1 First Balkan war 1912-13
1.1 Causes
1.1.1 1912: Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro formed the Balkan league to force the Turks out of the Balkans
1.1.2 They were encouraged by the Italian victory in 1911
1.2 Events
1.2.1 October 1912, the Balkan league attacked the Turks and were successful
1.2.2 Austria - Hungary were concerned with gains made by Serbia
1.2.3 The great powers forced a peace settlement on the Balkan states
1.3 Consequences
1.3.1 1913 treaty of London, Serbia gained territory but the Austrian's stopped their plans of having a coast line by having a new country (Abania) placed between Serbia and the Adriatic sea
2 Second Balkan war 1913
2.1 Causes
2.1.1 The Balkan league has fallen out Bulgaria was disappointed with gains made in Macedonia and attacked their former allies, Greece and Serbia
2.2 Events
2.2.1 Greece and Serbia were supported by Romania ,Montenegro and the turks in a series of battles in which the Bulgarian army was defeated
2.2.2 Russia and Britain intervened and forced the victorious countries to sign a peace treaty
2.3 Consequences
2.3.1 Treaty of Bucharest Bulgaria lost most of the gains made at the treaty od London to Serbia and Greece
3 Why war became more likely
3.1 Serbia became almost twice as large. They grew stronger and even more determined to unite with the Slavs in the Austro- Hungarian empire
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