1913 Strike and Lockout

Caroline Allen
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History (Movements For Reform) Mind Map on 1913 Strike and Lockout, created by Caroline Allen on 12/30/2013.

Caroline Allen
Created by Caroline Allen almost 6 years ago
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1913 Strike and Lockout
1 During the period 1870-1914 which was more successful, land agitation or the 1913 Strike and Lockout?
2 How effectively did James Larkin seek improvents for workers?
2.1 Socialism was slow to develop in Ireland was never very successful
2.2 The workers lost the battle but it could be argued that they won the war
2.3 Opposition
2.4 Sympathy
3 To what extent was the Dublin strike and lockout 1913 a success or failure?
3.1 A dearly bought triumph for William Martin Murphy
4 What were the problems facing Ireland's urban poor and what attempts were made to solve them in the period up to 1914?
4.1 Could not afford to rent decent houses
4.1.1 Decaying tenement houses Only 26% of Dublin families had a house all to themselves in the 1880s
4.2 Did not earn enough to buy healthy food
4.2.1 Suffered from dieseases and malnutrition Sewage and water were often close together TB, measles and typhoid were common
4.3 Dublin Corporation

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