The October Revolution

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Created by daniifarrell almost 6 years ago
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The October Revolution
1 Lenin was sure the growing violence in cities meant another revolution would take place to overthrow the PG
1.1 By 10th October Lenin had returned, planning a revolution, rumours spread about his plans
1.1.1 local soviets organised rifle practice and patrolled the streets. Kerensky did nothing, he believed the fact it was no longer a secret meant revolutionaries would have to give up
2 The Petrograd soviet was sure that the best solution was to demand the PG hand over power the congress of soviets when it met on 25th October.
3 The PG were unable to control the violence in the cities, German troops were nearly in Petrograd.
3.1 On 22nd October, the generals sent Kerensky a telegram saying ‘there is nothing to do but give up’
4 On October 8th, Trotsky became chairman of the Petrograd soviet, he also ran its Military Revolutionary Committee.
5 Between 24-26th October, following a plan worked out by Trotsky, the Bolsheviks took control of Petrograd
5.1 October 21st, most army units promise their loyalty to Trotsky and Military Revolutionary Committee.
5.1.1 October 23rd, the soldiers in the main fort of the city agree to obey the MRC Night of 24th, Kerensky shuts down Bolshevik newspaper office and orders the arrest of MRC MRC fight back, takes over the offices and gets control of the main bridges and canals, the military headquarters and the telegraph station 25th, arguments, in the congress of soviets, those who object Bolsheviks walk out. MRC now wins control of main railway, post offices, the state bank, and the last two bridges over the river. Its troops besiege the winter palace. 26th 2.10am, the winter palace is taken over, PG arrested
6 Bolsheviks take control
6.1 Lenin announced that the elections for constituent assembly would still take
6.1.1 a new group, the council of people’s commissars would rule by decree
6.2 The congress of soviets elected a new group, the central executive committee as a check of the CPC
6.2.1 CEC was also controlled by Bolsheviks
7 Why did the Bolsheviks win
7.1 Lenin pressed the Bolsheviks to lead the revolution in October and insisted it had to be Bolshevik, not one where several revolutionary parties ended up sharing power.
7.2 PG failed to disarm and disband the Red Guard after arming them to deal with kornilov’s revolt.
7.3 The PG did not act against the threat in time. It completely misjudged the danger. Rumours of a revolt to overthrow the government had been in the air ever since July days.
7.4 takeover was well planned and organised by Trotsky.

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