Imposing Bolshevik Control

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Created by daniifarrell almost 6 years ago
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Imposing Bolshevik Control
1 Capital punishment was abolished
2 in towns and in the countryside power was given to local soviets.
3 peace decree called on all nations to negotiate for peace at once.
4 The land decree, took over all the land owned by the Tsar, the church and other owners and gave it to the peasants, to be run by land committees
5 the worker's decree, announced by the CPC three days later, gave the workers control over the factories and set an 8 hour working day.
5.1 There were counter-revolutionary attacks in Petrograd and the other cities almost at once
6 Trotsky wanted to work with other revolutionary groups especially the Social Revolutionaries, who had a lot of support. Lenin wanted the Bolsheviks to have complete control.
7 Leaving the war
7.1 Lenin wanted to get out of the war for two reasons
7.1.1 Failure to end the war had undermined the Provisional Government, and it was also what the Bolsheviks had promised.
7.1.2 He feared a civil war might break out and wanted all Bolshevik troops free to fight that.
7.2 Germans set the price high knowing Lenin was desperate to leave the war to concentrate on the civil war.
7.3 treaty of Brest-Litovsk, signed on 22nd December 1917
7.3.1 Russia lost 80% of its coalmines
7.3.2 50% of its industries
7.3.3 26% of railways and people
7.3.4 27% of farmland
8 The constituent assembly
8.1 Met once on 5th January 1918
8.2 the SR and other groups argued against Bolshevik decrees and would not pass them as laws.
8.3 They were critical of the treaty so lenin brought in red guard to shut the meeting down

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