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1 Health Related Fitness
1.1 Stamina
1.1.1 Stamina is our ability to work for relatively long periods of time with becoming overtired
1.2 Flexibility
1.2.1 Flexibility is the ability to move the joint through their full range of movement
1.3 Strength
1.3.1 Strength is the ability of the muscles to carry out daily tasks. This involves max strength, muscular power and muscular endurance
1.4 Body Build
1.4.1 Body bulid is the capacity to carry the right amount of fat and muscle
2 Sport Related Fitness
2.1 Maximum strength
2.1.1 Maximum strength is the ability to apply maximum force to an immovable object
2.2 Muscular Power
2.2.1 Muscular power is the ability to contract the muscles with speed and force in one explosive act
2.3 Muscular Endurance
2.3.1 Muscular endurance is the ability to work the muscles very hard for a period of time
2.4 Speed
2.4.1 Speed is the ability to move all or part of the body as quickly as possible
2.5 Balance
2.5.1 balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium while stationary or moving
2.6 Agility
2.6.1 Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body at speed
2.7 Reaction Time
2.7.1 Reaction time is the ability to respond to a stimulus quickly
2.8 Coordination
2.8.1 Coordination is the ability to carry out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently

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