Cultures of Africa

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Cultures of Africa
1 North Africa
1.1 Muslim Beliefs
1.1.1 Quran
1.1.2 5 Pillars of Islam
1.2 Islamic law and government
1.3 Arabs
1.3.1 Arabic language
1.4 Traditional and modern
1.4.1 Cultural diffusion Trade Conquering empires Western influence
1.5 Monolithic
2 West Africa
2.1 Diversity
2.1.1 Many languages People know more than one language
2.1.2 Farms and city life Urbanization
2.2 Kinship
2.2.1 Idea of family Extended vs nuclear
2.3 Oral tradition/influence
2.3.1 Paper does not last long
2.3.2 Keeps history and values alive
2.3.3 Proverbs, songs, fables and riddles
2.3.4 Music and ideas brought to America from enslaved Africans
3 East Africa
3.1 Home
3.1.1 Idea of home being where you are born
3.1.2 People in cities do not consider it home
3.2 Land
3.2.1 Before 1800s, land wasn't owned Plantations brought the idea of owning land Conflicts over land
3.3 Diverse
3.3.1 Indian Ocean Contact with Arabs, Asians, and Indians Diversity
3.3.2 Swahili culture Adapt easily Preserve their heritage
3.3.3 Religion Islam and Christianity Traditional relgions
3.3.4 Swahili and other languages
4 Southhern/Central Africa
4.1 South Africa
4.1.1 Apartheid (ended) Whites still control biggest businesses
4.1.2 Nelson Mandela
4.1.3 Democracy
4.2 European Influence
4.3 Urbanization
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