SAB9#62 Resource optimization

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SAB9#62 Resource optimization
1 Set the schedule activities so that resource requirements do not exceed a certain predefined limit unlike leveling
2 Steps to optimize resources
2.1 Development of the work breakdown structure:
2.1.1 Usually begin and end in the specific, ie follow the stages of the project and conclude with the details, determining at each level estimated cost and means of monitoring and control
2.2 Establishment of dependencies:
2.2.1 It is defined as the form of work executed in correct order and considering that its origin is varied since otherwise the decisions made could affect you time to create unnecessary restrictions.
2.3 Allocation of resources:
2.3.1 This area covers the human type that is designated responsibilities at an early planning stage, they will be determined by roles. As you go with more data, each of these roles or profiles may be identified with a specific person responsible for the implementation or supervision of a specific task
2.4 Resource Leveling:
2.4.1 Use up where the same amount of resources possible and avoid idle resources
2.5 Determine the critical path
2.5.1 Esla longer path length through a network diagram and the shortest way to complete the project. The activities are included in this group they should be monitored very closely by the Project Manager and must always be given priority when applying resource leveling.
3 Strategies to eliminate overload
3.1 Schedule extra work
3.2 Process reengineering
3.3 Change technology
3.4 Hire additional resource
3.5 Resource leveling shift
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