Motives for The Cultural Revolution (1966-69)

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Motives for The Cultural Revolution (1966-69)
1 Power Struggle
1.1 Defeat opponents
1.2 Regain political supremacy
1.2.1 GLF undermined Mao's political position
1.3 Ensure economic policies were accepted
1.3.1 1962-66: leaders of CCP argued with each other about ways to develop China Mao opposed these policies
2 Purify Communism
2.1 Mao thought CCP officials were corrupt
2.2 Wanted purer communism more than economic efficiency
2.3 1962: Socialist Education Movement
2.4 1962: Four clean-up campaign
2.4.1 Discourage: corruption, bad management+ 'capitalist' behaviour
2.5 1964: new drama festival
2.5.1 Modernise: replaced traditional chinese opera with present-day struggles
3 Education
3.1 Needed to be less academic + more revolutionary and practical = like peasants
3.2 June 1964: said education represented bureaucrats who did not reflect communist ideals like peasants
3.2.1 Intellectuals, university lecturers+city dwellers sent to countryside to learn from peasants
4 Mao's comeback
4.1 1965: gained support of Lin Bao, Minister of Defence
4.1.1 All army ranks abolished + every soldier given Little Red Book
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