AQA: Tsarist Russia 1855-1917: October/November Revolution 1917

Sophie Evans
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AQA: Tsarist Russia 1855-1917: October/November Revolution 1917
1 Provisional Government
1.1 Dissatisfaction
1.1.1 Continuation in WW1 Why? Support allies Continue funding from allies Wanted to establish authority and prestige Problems caused Food shortages Casualties Demoralistaion
1.1.2 Major issues not addressed Peasants took fleeing Landlord's land Land reforms needed Starvation/ Lack of food supplies Problems caused by WW1 Setting up a Constituent assembly
1.1.3 Not legitimate Self appointed
1.1.4 Evident during July Days
1.2 Weaknesses
1.2.1 No real support Kornilov Coup Kerensky armed Bolsheviks (enemy)
2 Bolsheviks
2.1 Succsesses
2.1.1 Leadership Lenin Peace! Land! Bread! 3 main problems Russia faced Lenin finally addressing them Trotsky Organising tactics whilst Lenin in exile Continued use of Soviets
2.1.2 Encouraged peasant activity to stir up trouble Put pressure on PG
2.1.3 Gained support from workers and soldiers
2.1.4 Took advantage of PGs weaknesses Openly did not support any of their decisions
3 Kerensky
3.1 Member of both PG and PS
3.2 Mistakes
3.2.1 Kornilov Coup Freed and armed Bolsheviks Showed lack of authority Appointed Kornilov as Commander in Chief
3.2.2 Military failures
3.2.3 Weak leadership
3.2.4 Underestimated support for Lenin
3.2.5 He fled before seizure of Winter Palace
4 Lenin
4.1 Intellectual
4.1.1 April Theses Appeal to a range of people Slogans All power to the Soviets! Peace! Land! Bread! Clear plan of action
4.2 Timing of Revolution
4.3 Use of Soviets
4.3.1 Kept the Bolsheviks there whilst other groups lost interest
4.3.2 Not the biggest following, but a big influence
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