Why Wolsey fell from power in 1529

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Why Wolsey fell from power in 1529
1 Amicable Grant Crisis
1.1 Wolsey created the amicable grant in 1525
1.1.1 Made this decision without going through parliament Created rebellions in Suffolk and East Anglia
1.1.2 Came after forced loans and parliamentary tax
1.2 Non-parliamentary tax
2 Henry lost faith in Wolsey
2.1 Increasingly unpopular government
2.1.1 1527-1529
2.1.2 England alliance with france Switched alliance from Charles V to Francis 1 after 1525 Anglo-French alliance Distrupted trade with Low Countries Henry in weak position regarding the Great Matter
2.2 Failure in divorce crisis
2.2.1 Henry always endorsed and supported Wolsey's rise through ecclesiastical ranks
2.2.2 1527
2.2.3 Legate a latere
2.2.4 Great Matter
3 Praumunire
3.1 October 9th
3.2 exercising hia legatine power in England to detrimjent of the king
3.3 hypocritical
4 The Problem
4.1 Leviticus
4.1.1 Prohibited marriage to one's dead brother wife
4.1.2 Wolsey did create some other ideas Henry insisted on Levitical route as a matter of principle
5 Pope Clement VII
5.1 Imperial troops sacked Rome in 1527, Charles V held Pope prisoner
5.1.1 Papal policy became imperial Wolset tried to use this as an advantage Papal court of Avignon College of Cardinals
5.2 Realeas in December 1527 rendered plan obsolete
5.3 Grant Wolsey the power to decide the case in England without the right to appeal
5.3.1 Pope was unwilling to support the case Tried toi compramise that wouldnt offend King nor Emperor
6 Cradinal Campeggio
6.1 Sent to England to oversea an ecclesiastical court
6.1.1 Necessary powers to annul marriage Pope privately told Campeggio not to use the powers and to delay proceedings Suggested Catherine retire to a nunnery and leave Henry free to remarry Catherine refused
6.2 Events in Italy once more favoured the Emperor and the Pope

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