Direct and alternating current

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Direct and alternating current
  1. Direct Current
    1. flows in only one direction
      1. Will be a flat line on an oscilloscope
      2. constant potential and is normally produced by cells and batteries
        1. electrons always flow round the circuit in the same direction
          1. a mobile phone uses this supply
          2. Alternating current
            1. changes direction
              1. will be a wavy line on an oscilloscope
                1. has a potential difference that switches smoothly between positive and negative values as part of a repeating cycle
                  1. this causes the current to constantly change in size or reverse its direction very rapidly
                2. we have ac mains in the UK
                  1. 230 volts
                    1. 50 hertz frequency
                    2. a washing machine uses this supply
                    3. they are both a flow of charge
                      1. the potential difference can be measured on an oscilloscope for both currents
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