influence of early attachment on later relationships

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influence of early attachment on later relationships
  1. attachment and later relationships
    1. internal working model
      1. based on the first relationship - will be how they make relationships
        1. good experience = good relationship
          1. bad experience = bad relationship
      2. relationships in later childhood
        1. attachment type = quality of relationship
          1. securely attached = best childhood friends
            1. smith & Wilson = 195 kids 7-11 and bullying
              1. secure won't be involved. insecure avoidant victims. insecure resistant the bullies
        2. relationships in adulthood with romantic partners
          1. McCarthy - 40 women assessed infant and romantic attachment
            1. secure = best romantic and friend attachment
              1. insecure resistant = couldn't maintain attachments
                1. insecure avoidant = hard in intimate relationships
            2. Hazan & Shaver
              1. love quiz
                1. procedure
                  1. 620 American answers
                    1. assessed current relationship, number of partners, attachment type
                  2. findings
                    1. 56% secure, 25% avoidant, 19% resistant
                      1. secure have the best relationships. avoidant = jealous and fear of intimacy.
              2. relationships in adulthood as a parent
                1. people parent how they were brought up
                  1. Bailey
                    1. 99 mother and baby attachment
                      1. attachment assessed using strange situation and also to their mother attachment
                        1. most had the same as their mother
              3. evaluation
                1. evidence on continuity of attachment type is mixed
                  1. your attachment to your mother will be the same as you and your child
                    1. McCarthy does support this
                      1. Zimmerman does not support
                    2. issues of validity
                      1. use interviews or questionnaires instead of a strange situation
                        1. self report techniques
                          1. might not be honest or can't remember
                      2. association does not mean causality
                        1. most studies = infant attachment type causes the attachment
                          1. another factor could be environment or temperament
                            1. this goes against the internal working model
                      3. evaluation +
                        1. the influence of early attachment is probabilistic
                          1. Bowlby exaggerated how much attachment will effect later life
                            1. Clarke - people are not doomed if they have poor infant attachments
                              1. just a probability of poor future attachments
                          2. self report is conscious, internal working models aren't
                            1. can't say how internal working model influences us as we don't know it's there
                              1. can only self report on things we are aware of
                                1. internal working model is theoretical
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