The Trenches & WW1 consequences

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what was it like in the trenches? what were the consequences to WW1? here they are!

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The Trenches & WW1 consequences
  1. what did a trench look like?
    1. duckboards/ sump
      1. artillery line
        1. where big field guns are located
        2. communication trench
          1. front line trench
            1. support trenches
              1. bunker
                1. traverse
                  1. angled parts of the trenches / curves
                  2. trench block
                    1. wood and wire structure made to block enemy from entering
                    2. Bolt hole/ dug out
                      1. parados
                        1. back wall of trench (furthest from enemy)
                      2. sandbags
                        1. fire step
                          1. parapet
                            1. wall nearest to enemy of the trench
                            2. barbed wire
                              1. listening post
                              2. Treaty of Versailles
                                1. 28th June 1919
                                  1. what was decided?
                                    1. Germany's army restricted to 100k
                                      1. 6 battleships and no air force
                                      2. 132 billions gold marks was to be paid by germany
                                        1. it was all Germany's fault
                                          1. all of Germany's colonies given to france and britain
                                            1. germany banned from league of nations
                                              1. germany forbidden to unite with Austria
                                                1. Alsace-Lorraine returned to France
                                                  1. german army not allowed into rhineland
                                                    1. Saar given to France
                                                    2. Fighting stopped on Nov. 11 at 11am 1918; Armistice
                                                      1. consequences
                                                        1. Germany wanted revenge on Europe, as they felt that they had been punished unfairly; leading to the Second World War
                                                          1. collapse of eastern european empires
                                                            1. america becomes a new great power
                                                              1. a "lost" generation
                                                            2. Diseases in a trench
                                                              1. body lice
                                                                1. trench fever
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