The Changing Rural Environment

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The Changing Rural Environment
1 Rural Urban Fringe
1.1 where is it?
1.2 why locate here? Advantages
1.3 out of town retail, leisure, transport developments, suburban villages
1.3.1 case study - The Trafford centre exam answer
1.3.2 Suburban villages how have they changed? - 3 stages why would you move here from the city? Case study - Garstang Characteristics and factors significant to a village expanding advantages disadvantages
2 Rural areas in decline RHYD Snowdonia
2.1 other examples locations
2.2 what causes rural decline and depopulation?
2.2.1 impact of second homes
2.3 what are the effects of rural decline and depopulation?
2.4 what are the sustainable solutions to rural decline?
2.4.1 supporting the needs of the rural population
2.4.2 supporting the rural economy
2.4.3 conserving resources and protecting the environment
2.4.4 National parks
3 MEDC intensive agriculture
3.1 Case study - arable farming system in East Anglia
3.1.1 How has farming affected the landscape? environmental Policies to farm sustainably organic stewardship diversification GM crops social future generations economic agri business CAP pesticides, fertiliser, hedgerows
3.1.2 demands of markets supermarket chains seasonal foods foodmiles food processing firms
4 LEDC Subsistence agriculture
4.1 problems in sub tropical areas
4.1.1 climate drought irrigation types salinisation Appropriate technology
4.1.2 soil erosion causes solutions effect
4.1.3 case study KENYA Cash crops as solution to problems positive impacts negative impacts
4.2 Changes to traditional farming in tropical area
4.2.1 Brazil Amazon
5 Rural to urban migration
5.1 Failing agricultural system case study - Lesotho
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