Causes of 1905 Russian Revolution

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Causes of 1905 Russian Revolution
1 Reformist groups
1.1 many groups thought Russia's future lay with 'the people'
1.2 Liberals
1.3 Social Revolutionaries
1.4 Social Democratics
2 Witte
2.1 caused industrial growth
2.1.1 by 1900, half of industrial workforce employed in factories large cities grew rapidly St Petersburg population 1 million (1890) and 2 million (1914) led to poor working and living conditions support for radical alternatives to Tsarism increased workers did demonstrations and strikes for better conditions
2.2 extra taxation on peasantry
2.2.1 caused deep resentment peasant uprisings were becoming common place
3 Japanese-Russo War
3.1 Russia tried to spread its influence over Far East
3.1.1 came into direct conflict with Japan war went on 1904-1905, Russia defeated
3.2 defeats proved humiliating for Government
3.2.1 caused unrest against Government
3.3 made Tsar look weak
3.3.1 gave encouragement to revolutionaries
4 Bloody Sunday
4.1 peaceful demonstration lead by Father George Gapon
4.2 150,000 workers demonstrated
4.2.1 outside Tsar's Winter Palace in St Petersburg
4.3 Tsar on holiday but orders troops to shoot at demonstrators
4.3.1 sections of society outraged by his actions
4.3.2 lost the people's trust
4.4 spark of the revolution
4.5 peasants anger had been building up
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