1957- 1964

Marcus  Danvers
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A level British History (Conservative, Macmillan 1957-64) Mind Map on 1957- 1964, created by Marcus Danvers on 01/14/2014.

Marcus  Danvers
Created by Marcus Danvers almost 6 years ago
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1957- 1964
1 1957
1.1 1958
1.1.1 January Resignation of Thorneycroft, Powell and Birch from exchequer
1.1.2 1959 1960 January Macmillan makes "Wind of changes speech July Aneurin Bevan dies October Labour Conference endorses unilateral nuclear disarmament 1961 1962 1963 1964 July Edward heath's resale price maintenance act comes into force October Generl election - slender Labour victory January De Gaulle vetoes Britain's attempt to join he European Community. Gaitskell unexpectedly dies February Wilson takes over March Profumo lies to commons over the affair with Christine Keeler April Maudling's tax- cutting Budget June Profumo resigns October Macmillan resigns February National Economic Development Council set up July Macmillan "night of the long knives" - sacks a third of cabinet October Vassall spy scandal July Britain applies to join the European Community September Large CND demonstration in Trafalgar Square October Gaitskell gets the Labour Conference to drop unilateral nuclear disarmament November Private eye is launched as satirical magazine April Heathcoat-Amory offers a giveaway Budget October General election - convincing Conservative victory November First section of M1 motorway opened by Ernest Marples
1.1.3 February CND holds first meeting
1.1.4 November Vicky creates "Supermac"
1.2 January
1.2.1 Macmillan becomes prime minister
1.3 April
1.3.1 Sandys' Defence White paper
1.4 July
1.4.1 Macmillan's "Never had it so good" speech at Bedford

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