Henry VII

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Henry VII

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Henry VII
1 Consolidation of Royal Authority
2 Rebellions and Threats
2.1 Yorkshire Rebellion
2.2 Cornish Rebellion
2.3 Lovell Rebellion
2.4 Simnell Rebellion
3 Foreign Policy
4 Controlling the Nobility
4.1 Acts of Attainder 1485 onwards
4.1.1 Thomas Howard, the Earl of Surrey had fought for Richard III at Bosworth, was attainted & imprisoned in 1485 January 1489 he took an oath of allegiance to Henry & was restored his earldom April 1489, Howard helped Henry crush the York rising, for which he was rewarded with the return of most of the Howard estates SUCCESS
4.1.2 ensured that many nobles did what they could for Henry to show their loyalty- they wanted land/titles
4.2 Bonds & Recognisances
4.3 Council Learned in the Law 1487-1509
4.4 Acts Against Retaining 1487 & 1504
4.5 Patronage
4.6 Use of Councils
4.7 Henry''s Use of His Role as Feudal Lord
5 Society under Henry VII
6 Legitimacy & Initial Consolidation
7 Solvency
8 Government
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