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  1. Arbitration
    1. In arbitration, a neutral party hears and resolve disputa
    2. Perquisites(Perks)
      1. Some employees recive special rewards, such as assigned parking spaces, corner offices, etc
      2. Fringe Benefits
        1. These are standard benefits formaliy given to all employees, such as education benefits,insurance,
        2. Motivation Theory (or "what do people really want ?")
          1. One of the best ways to gain cooperation is to give rewards
          2. McGregor´s Theory of X and Y
            1. Believed that all workers fit into one of two groups, X and Y
              1. Theory X
                1. Managers who accept this theory believe tha people need to wached every minute, They believe employees are incapable, avoid responsibility, and avoid work whenever possible
                2. Theory Y
                  1. Managers who accept this theory believe that people are willing to work without supervision, and want to archive. They believe employees can direct their own efforts.
              2. Expentancy Theory
                1. Maslow´s Hierarchy of needs
                  1. Maslow´s message is that people are not most motivated to work by security or money. Instead, the highest motivation is to contribute and to use their skills.
                    1. Maslow called this "self-actualization"
                      1. Maslow created a pyramid to show how people are motivated and said one cannot ascend to the next level until the levels below are fulfilled
                  2. David McClelland´s Theory of Needs (or Acquired Needs Theory
                    1. This Theory states that people are most motivated by one of the three needs
                      1. Achievement
                        1. Affiliation
                          1. Power
                        2. Herzberg´s Theory
                          1. Hygiene Factors
                            1. Poor Hygiene factors may detroy motivation, but improving them, under most circuntances, will not improve motivation.
                            2. Motivating Agents
                              1. What motivates people is the work itself, Responsibility, Sel-actualization, Professional growth
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