Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby

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Music (Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby) Mind Map on Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby, created by bethanygrace7 on 04/17/2013.

Created by bethanygrace7 over 6 years ago
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Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby
1 Background: 1999; club dance.
2 Rhythm and metre: 4/4; 98 bpm.
3 Structure: Intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, break, chorus outro.
4 Melody: recordings of gospel choirs-unedited. Verse(m): disjunct, interval of 3rds, syllabic. Chorus(f): falling pattern, syllabic, melisma on 'doors
5 Instruments: piano; smapled male voice; sampled female voice; synth string pad; synth bass; percussion.
6 Tonality: A minor; changes to C major during second half of chorus.
7 Texture: mostly homophonic; some call and response and layering.
8 Harmony: Verse: Am Em Gm D. Chorus 1: C Am C Am. Chorus 2: F C F C.
9 Use of technology: EQ - applied to the echo in verse. Reverb - added to the piano. Sampling; drum loop; panning.

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