The Plains Indians Way of Life

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The Plains Indians Way of Life
1 Why did Nations like the Sioux move to the Great Plains?
1.1 1. By the 1680's and 1690's Indian Nations such as the Sioux had horses, so they were able to move out onto the Great Plains to live and to hunt the buffalo more easily
1.2 2. Also the weapons (guns) in the hands of their enemies also helped to drive the Sioux out onto the Great Plains
1.3 3. Europeans who came to America brought new diseases (e.g. Cholera, smallpox) the Sioux, Cheyenne and others moved to the Great Plains to escape these diseases (as Indians had no resistance to them so a lot of Indians died, smallpox epidemic 1830)
2 What was the role of men/women/children/ and old people?
2.1 Men: responsible for... hunting, looking after horses and protecting the band, they were judged by there ability as hunters, warriors and horsemen
2.2 Women: responsible for... tipi, preparing food/fetching water, also making clean clothes and other times, judged by there ability at crafts and homemakers, highly valued as bearers of children
2.3 Children: highly valued as future of band, did not go to school but learned the skills they would need from their family, taught how to ride, boys were taught how to use bow and arrow, girls taught how to maintain a home. Most importantly children taught how to survive on the Great Plains.
2.4 Old People: able to give advice in council and pass on the history of the people, they were involved in helping bring up children. HOWEVER if they became too old or weak they would have been left behind so as to not low down the band
3 How did the tipi solve the problems of living on the Plains?
3.1 Summers in the Great Plains were hot and winters were cold
3.1.1 In Summer the tipi bottom could be rolled up to let sun in
3.1.2 In Winter it could be hanked with the earth to keep the tipi warm
3.2 Strong Winds
3.2.1 the tipi's conical shape made it strong enough to resist the strong winds on the Great Plains
3.3 Had to move to follow the buffalo herds
3.3.1 tipi could be easily taken down and packed for transport inn ten minutes, so ideal home for people frequently on the move
3.4 Fire Hazard
3.4.1 at the top of the tipi there were two flaps that could be moved to direct the wind so that the smoke from the fire inside could escape
4 How was Indian life organised?
4.1 Custom and Tradition
4.2 Chiefs
4.3 Councils
4.4 Role of Warrior Societies
5 Why were horses so important to the Plains Indians?
5.1 horses were an important means of transport for home and family
5.2 also useful in hunting and warfare: changed nature of warfare as it enabled warriors to raid over much longer distances, and led to war skills and horsemanship becoming a vital measure of bravery and status in Plains Society
6 Who treated the sick in Plains Indians Nations?
6.1 The Medecine Man
6.1.1 Plains Indians believed the Medicine Man could cure sickness, and he could harness the power of the spirits!
6.1.2 also used practical remedies for ex. ointments and potions made from herbs
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