The job of an Archaeologist

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The job of an Archaeologist
1 Archaeologists find out about the past by studying the things that people left behind them
1.1 Archaeologists find artefacts by digging or excavating in places where people once lived
1.1.1 Near old buildings
1.1.2 When old houses are being replaced
1.1.3 At locations associated with stories or legends
2 Important words...
2.1 Source
2.1.1 Where an Archaeologist gets information about the past
2.2 Artefacts
2.2.1 Things made by people a long time ago
2.3 Excavation/Dig
2.3.1 Where Archaeologists look for artefacts
2.4 Museum
2.4.1 Where the artefacts are stored
2.5 Post-hole
2.5.1 A hole in the ground where an upright pole once stood .
2.6 Archive
2.6.1 Where written sources and documents are stored
3 What Archaeologists do on a dig?
3.1 Make a plan of the site
3.2 Dig very carefully using trowels and brushes
3.3 Send each item found to a museum where it can be dated and studied
3.4 Photograph or draw each artefact that they find
3.5 Mark on the site plan where each artefact was found
4 How can Archaeologists date an artefact?
4.1 Stratigraphy
4.2 Carbon Dating
4.3 Dendrochronology
5 Who helps archaeologists?
5.1 Zoologists
5.2 Botanists

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